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Our Newsletter: September, 2014

Tips to Hiring the Right Real Estate Agent

By Richard Patrick of LazrWeb Services | October 15th, 2014

Tips to Find the Best Real Estate Agent For You

Get Reliable Referrals

It's easy to ask your friends for the name of their real estate agent, but that isn't always a great idea. You need a great referral and you want someone who outperforms the rest.

Watch your local market activity look for indications of activity, look at the length of time a house sat on the market before a sale. Then ask that agent to represent you and your home.

Look for Real Estate Specialists

Some real estate agents specialize in certain markets, such as working with a younger, upscale yuppie crowd, or the 55+ buyers, or they specialize in short sales, foreclosures, or the first-time buyers.

Do an Internet search for the word "real estate," and the the city, town or neighborhood, then add in your special circumstance (e.g. "foreclosures") and you'll find some real estate agents specializing in those specific areas.

You can also call a local brand name Real Estate brokerage and ask if they have any agents that specialize in certain real estate areas. Also you can go to the Trulia Agent Directory and see if you can find agents that have special designations as well.

Consider All Real Estate Brokers

Great Real Estate agents work for brokers of all sizes, not just the big, brand name ones.

To find the great ones, expand your search to include agents that work for the smaller brokerages.

Many people might tend to call the big, brand name brokers. Never overlook the smaller real estate brokers in your community, even the one or two person brokerages.

Neighborhood Experience is Key

In real estate, location is everything, that's a no brainer. So you should look for an agent who works in and knows the specific area and neighborhood your looking in.

Check the For Sale, Open House or Sold signs in the area your investigating. Usually they list the agents' name. This gives a good clue as to who is selling houses in that particular area.

You may also look for "teams." You may see a Keller Williams sign that notes that this house is sold by the "Becker Team" or "Team Dennis." This is a clear indicator that there are more agents to "work" your listing; and maybe some that specialize in representing your particular marketing needs.

Look for Industry Awards

Search for a list of agents in your area who have won awards from the local or state branch of the National Association of REALTORS. These types of awards are a strong indication that the agent has high standing and success within his or her community, and will probably represent you well.

Ask a Few Pointed Questions

When first meeting with a prospective agent ask them:

  • Do you work in Real Estate full-time or part-time?
  • How long have you been marketing in the Real Estate business?
  • In what particular niche or neighborhood do you specialize?
  • Can you provide your own listings and comps for homes you have for sale in the area that your looking?
  • Do you specialize in selling or listing homes for (your specific requirements or niche)?

You need to ask these types of questions because you want a Real Estate agent who already knows about the area you looking in.

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