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Newsletter: January, 2017

Smart/DIY upgrades that increase your selling price and some homeowner mistakes when selling to avoid.

By Richard Patrick of LazrWeb Services | January, 2017

One of the best ways to create value in your home is to build worth within your home. Try not to go overboard in a room, but also do not do it cheap either. Best to do it right the first time.

Looking to upgrade your home so that you can sell it faster and for more money? Several good suggestions to upgrade/update your home:
  • Update/improve your walkway and entrance so visitors feel more welcome

  • Clean concrete, plant some flowers and/or shrubs with mulch to create an inviting entrance

  • Install a new front door or at minimum, give it a fresh coat of paint

  • Install tile flooring in foyer, benefit here is that it's long-lasting and stylish

  • Replace all the toilets in your home; it will make every bathroom look clean and feel new

  • Update all of the light fixtures in your home, make it bright and cheery

Some interior ideas to brighten up the space

Here are a few suggestions and some easy projects you can do yourself that will increase your home's value.

These include:

  • Painting - Re-paint most all rooms including the bathrooms

  • Flooring - Install new foyer ceramic tile, and kitchen tile as well

  • Install new granite countertops and cabinets in your kitchen

  • Upgrade cabinet hardware

  • Install new faucets in kitchen and bathrooms

Homeowner mistakes that lower a home's value

While there are a number of renovations/upgrades that you can do to increase your home's selling price, there are also a few projects that can have a harmful effect on the value of your property.

These include:

  • Removing/re-provisioning any bedrooms, like turning a bedroom into an office

  • Adding rooms/areas in the wrong places like squeezing in a laundry area that cuts into the kitchen space

  • Improper/shoddy DIY installations like wallpapering, installing drywall/taping/spackling, installing a gas line for an outside barbeque, or electrical work that should be done by a licensed electrician

  • Not having a proper home inspection before showing the home and dealing with the issues found

  • Installing the wrong type of tub surrounds that encourage mold growth

Other huge negatives to potential home buyers

Some of these factors can turn buyers off when you're trying to sell your home are often out of your control, but there are items that you should be aware of

Five major negatives:

  • Mold growth/infestation, foul smells

  • Structural damage like shoddy gutters, bent downspouts

  • Rodents, termite or other insect or pest issues

  • Lead based paint, aluminum wiring

The biggest mistake

The most common mistake is home buyers allowing their emotions get the best of them. Most people make emotional decisions, they fall in love with a home and try to afford it later. This never works out.

Stay within your financial comfort zone and know what that is.... before you start looking for a home.

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