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Our Newsletter: July, 2014

Six Curb Appeal Mistakes

By Richard Patrick of LazrWeb Services | July 5th, 2014

Six Curb Appeal Mistakes

Don't turn buyers off before they've even walked through the door with uncut lawn, unruly shrubs or lawn clutter or trash, these items alone can sabotage your home sale. Repaint the door with a neutral color that is appealing, trim the shrubs, clean out the beds, make them look clean and neat and well kept, this makes for a great first impression, sets the tone going forward into the house.

Personal Items

Remove the religious statues or other lawn knick-knacks and paddy-whacks, along with children's toys or lawn tools strewn around or even stacked against the fence of your property. Remove the garden watering hose or coil it neatly in a hose caddy or move it inside the garage. Remove any yard games, toys or other distractions as well. Clean, neat and clear is way more impressive than a pile of stuff here and there.

Blocked Driveway

To potential buyers, cars parked in the driveway suggests that the house is not big enough. The excess stuff is in the cluttered garage. Clean out the garage of junk if you want to sell your house. Organize the balance of items and park your car in the garage.

Shrubs, Flower Beds and other Landscaping

Gardens may not look great out of season, but you can spruce them up by getting rid of dead leaves, branches and plants. Clean out and rake the beds so they look fresh and clean. Spread new mulch for a organized and perfect addition to the flower beds. No matter what, do not plant artificial flowers. They are the embodiment of tacky.

Terrible Backyard

You've spent the last few years turning your back yard into a full-fledged garden, getting rid of the lawn bit by bit until you had an entire lawn full of ornamental grasses, annuals and perennials, or a farm with bountiful plantings of tomatoes, corn and other vegetables. But your dream arboretum may be a nightmare to potential buyers. Discuss this with your real estate agent on how to make your attractive landscaping appear low-maintenance to buyers.

Common Home Eyesores

The rusted carport, worn-out wood shutters and dilapidated awnings have been there so long that you don't see them as you walk right past them, but buyers do notice. Getting rid of outdated, mismatched or rundown features of your home's exterior will radically improve the curb appeal for a minimal amount of time, effort and money. You have to realize that you will need to invest some time, money and elbow grease to bring things into an acceptable appearance to those looking at your home.

Wrong Color Paint

Check in with the local paint store or even the local home center and ask about acceptable colors for the exterior and interior of your home. Your home probably has seen a bit of wear and tear, so it is essential to consider applying a fresh coat of paint, at minimum, paint the front door and shutters. Opt for popular neutral colors; white, black, gray, and even beige outside.

Stay away from colors that are too individual to your taste or intense; like yellow, purple or bright pink. You can add a touch of color here and there to avoid appearing too barren. A good example is a pop of green on the front door, or dark grey shutters on your house.

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