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Our Newsletter: September, 2014

Sell Your Home by Staging it Yourself

By Richard Patrick of LazrWeb Services | September 10th, 2014

Sell Your Home by Staging it Yourself
Tips to handle your own home staging

The single most important tip: Clean Up All The Clutter

The single most important item you have to do to prepare your home for sale is to get rid of all the clutter, in ALL the rooms in your home. One major drawback in many homes is having too much furniture. Professional stagers usually will remove as much as 50% of the surplus furniture, and the result is a much more appealing and seemingly larger home.

Home Lighting

One of the best things that make a properly staged homes so inviting and welcoming is a lot of lighting. Most homes are unacceptably poorly lighted. The first trick here is to increase the wattage in all your lamps and fixtures. Suggest 100 Watt minimum if the lamp or fixture can handle it. Don't just change up a few fixtures, do them all. Overhead lighting or track lighting is a big turn on as well.

Neutral Colors Are Way More Appealing

Painting your living room in a fresh neutral color helps the prospective buyer "see" their possessions in the home while creating a fresh and clean landscape for them. Even if you currently have bone-white paint, take the opportunity and test paint (available in the better home stores) a warm, neutral color. The home center or paint retailer, or even a painting professional will be happy to provide advice and examples of what you should do. The current classification of neutral goes way beyond plain beige, there are warm tans, light autumn to soft blue-greens. Audacious wall colors have a knack of minimizing any home offers, so we suggest neutral colors in the large areas within your home.

Stagger The Wall Hangings

Like most homes, your art work is hung in a high line surrounding each room. Huge mistake. Display your prints, watercolors and other paintings throughout your home creatively, so as each room has one or two pieces, this makes your art stand out and shows off the space. Break up that line and stagger the patterning and grouping for a more likable and palatable presentation.

Get Free Resources from your Yard

Staged homes are almost always present better with fresh flowers and even pricey orchid arrangements, but you can get similar results by using what's already in your yard, budding forsythia clippings or fern fronds portent the arrival of spring, summer blooms add splashes of welcome color, blazing fall foliage warms up your decor on chilly autumn days and holly branches heavy with berries look fantastic and cheery during the holidays.

New Cabinet Doors

Not everyone can afford new cabinets, but installing new doors and drawer fronts have an effect of a new designer kitchen. next step is to paint the kitchen to match and add new hardware to your new doors unless it already came with them. Another great and cheaper alternative is to replace the dishwashers front panel, this makes the kitchen look new and inviting. Check with your dishwashers manufacturer to see if front panel replacements are available for your model. If not, you can always apply laminate paper, which installs like contact paper and can be used to renew the existing panel.

Prim and Polished

Having your tile professionally painted and the grout professionally cleaned makes a bathroom look brand new. And adding accessories like plush new towels, can give the buyers the impression that they're in a spa. Put out items like rolled-up towels, decorative baskets and potpourri. It's a great way to create a sophisticated look, that does not cost too much.

Be realistic and set the selling price by using you areas comparables (comps), not based upon what you need to buy that mansion in Long Boat Key, Fl.

Remove all personal collections like collectable plates, Hummel figurines, Snowbabies figurines and the like; they should be removed and put in storage so as to not add to any clutter. Clear the home of personal and family pictures.

By investing in a whole new fresh coat of paint in the interior gets you 150 percent of your investment back in the selling price of your home.

Disclose absolutely everything, especially the stuff you are not inclined to disclose. You do not want their home inspector finding and reporting items like these which become negotiation points to lower your selling price.

Fix all running toilets, or better than that, re-install the tanks working parts to impress the buyer that you keep up on maintenance items in the home or risk flushing your profit down the drain.

Remember that outside is the new inside. Show off all of your living spaces, clean and clear your windows of the drabby drapes and install clean, fresh sheer curtains so they can see the outside and let the sunshine in!

Visit local model homes to get ideas on decorating and staging schemes to see how neutrality and spaciousness are prepared to make a home feel warm and inviting.

Put a whole lemon or two into your garbage disposal, to give your drain a clean and fresh smell.

Display real, fresh potted plants from your local home center that are not the plastic injection-molded fake plants.

Hire a experienced professional real estate agent, listen to their suggestions for your home and assist them in doing what they do best.

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